Thursday, 27 October 2011

Featured Curlie - Tamara

Name: Tamara a Canadian makeup guru. She can also be found at her website Beauty Thesis

Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario

First year of curlieness: I did a full transition; which started in 2006 and ran through 2009.

Why I went curlie: Relaxers weren't offering me much more than the hassle and burns.

Regime and products: I don't have a formal routine, I simply pay attention to the condition of my hair rather than enforce a strict schedule.

Generally, I co-wash (Organix nourishing coconut milk) my hair every few days and shampoo (Organix nourishing coconut milk) once a week. I de-tangle my hair while it's wet and soaked with conditioner using a classic Denman brush. Co-washes are followed up with leave-in conditioner. If I've used shampoo or I'm twisting my hair, I seal the ends with a blend of oils (extra virgin olive, grapeseed & sweet almond).

I trim my ends as needed, and it's always while I'm putting my hair into twists.

The best part of being curlie for me is: Finally understanding what my hair needs. I always liked my hair, but it was frustrating because nothing ever worked and it was just always a struggle. Learning about it's preferences and how to work with it to create the styles I wanted was a major achievement; as nobody ever seemed to know what to do with it. Now I can love it without reserve and that's a great feeling.

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