Friday, 7 October 2011

Curls Crave Moisture

When I first went natural, I had a hard time figuring out what Curlies meant by
sealing moisture. It’s not as simple as putting a moisturizer on your hair. Now that the colder is approaching, it’s imperative for you to maintain a healthy level of moisture in your hair, if not more than usual.

The definition of sealing is: A substance, especially an adhesive agent such as wax or putty, used to close or secure something or to prevent seepage of moisture or air, courtesy of The Free Dictionary, by Farlex.

To translate that into nourishing our hair, it means we need to seal in the moisture (ie: water or a water based-moisturizer) Please note that oil does not moisturize your hair but, certain types are great to use as a sealer. I enjoy using a few different oils such as almond, avocado, castor, extra virgin coconut oil is one of my favourites and I’ve just discovered apricot oil, which I am also starting to love.

It’s also important to mention that mineral oil or petroleum based products are not good for our hair, since they suffocate our scalp and hair. This stops our pores from breathing and also attracts dirt and lint which urns into build-up. Some Curlies are OK with this fact and still use mineral oil and petroleum based products, but I’m hesitant since my scalp often gives me an attitude and is super sensitive.

So as a rule of thumb, after washing your hair, applying a leave-in conditioner and moisturizer, it’s a good idea to seal in the moisture on your hair with oil. Depending on your hair type some oils may add shine or seem too heavy. So I’d advise you to play around and find out what sealer works best for you.

Blessings and Curls,


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  2. When i first went natural around '92, I hadn't heard about 'natural hair communities'. I just chopped it and then enjoyed being able 'style' my hair by just wetting it in the shower! And of course those days, all I knew were petroleum based products and I used vaseline or african gold to [unknowningly] seal my hair. I have really no sensitivities, so had no problems with petroleum, but i'm now sealing with castor oil {jojoba if i remember to buy more!}. I still prefer a daily 'wash' [no-poo or just wetting it in the shower] and I just single braided my hair and plan to keep it braided for the next 6 months as my protective styling. I'm also not big into styling, so prefer any super low maintenance looks!

  3. Wow you've been natural since 92, good on you!!! I know not everyone is petro and mineral oil sensitive, the point is to definitely find out what works for you and what doesn't. My scalp gives me pure attitude if I even consider using I don't.