Canadian Curlie Goals

Thanks so much for visiting Canadian Curlies!!! The goal of this blog is to give different perspectives to being a natural in Canada. My hope is that blog will be a place where Canadian Curlies and others share their stories, feelings, trials and triumphs, styling techniquesand tips to being natural.

Going the natural route is not always an easy one and everyone has their own reasons to do so. Some of you may have never had a perm, others decided to transition or just chop all of the processed hair off. Whatever your reasons are you are welcome here. You are also welcome to this blog if you are considering to take the leap. We are happy to help and support you thorough your journey.

Canada is known for it’s diversity and as we all know, no Curlie is the same. We hope to achieve that diversity as well within this blog. So I’m calling out to all naturals in Canada and the rest of the natural Curlie world to check us out and even contribute if it fits your fancy. To be a guest blogger or to share your story email me at:

Blessing and Curls,

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