Curlie Journey

I decided to transition to natural on May 8, 2010. I remember it so vividly, because I made up my mind immediately after my last perm. I was recovering from a scalp dermatitis flare-up, so I waited longer than usual for a touch-up. My friend’s wedding was also approaching so that was another reason I got the perm. In retrospect I know now that it was not necessary, but making decision was a huge part of the journey.

I was slightly heartbroken, after my new waves disappeared from the relaxer and my dermatitis returned. I was starting to get attached to them. I knew that was my last perm and that I was going to transition. I transitioned for nine months and I found myself playing with my new growth on a regular basis and developing a hate for my straw-like ends. My goal was to chop on my one year mark.
Transitioning was not always an easy process, but I did enjoy trying different styles, such as flexirod roller sets, braid-outs, braid and curls, curlformer sets and twist-outs. While transitioning I found that my hair did not like to be twisted, ironically now that I’m natural twist-outs are my signature style. I also experimented with different products and I learned about the importance of deep conditioning, leave-in conditioners and how I should not comb or brush my hair when dry. During this time I started to treat my hair with respect and in a way make friends with my hair. I started to listen to it’s needs and truly care about its health.

Some people may say I could never go natural because it’s too much work. But, I like to think of my time used to do my hair as personal therapy and quiet moments for myself. It’s not always fun times, especially when dealing with stubborn knots or when a cornrow, flat twist or style doesn’t go as planned.

I finally decided to chop off the rest of my stringy ends on February 19, 2011 after nine months of transitioning. Some people may ask how did I know it was time. Well the truth is I knew I was not going to be able to manage another detangling session with the two textures intact. I craved the freedom and I had become confident enough to rock my natural tress.

I was not in love with my curls immediately, but I loved what they stood for. I’m still new to the game, but as the days and months go by I’m falling deeper and deeper in love with my hair.

Considering my transitioning growth, I’ve been natural for 15 months. I’ve been having a lot of fun with my hair and have even started to make my own hair accessories. I didn’t know I could be crafty, but I’m really proud of my creations. I’m making my own whipped shea butter as well.

So that’s my journey so far, feel free to share yours with us here at Canadian Curlies.

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  1. I actually re-committed to natural hair, April 2010, when I had my sister cut my hair and the 'texturized' ends off! That was the absolute last time I will ever relax my hair again! Long live the curls! :D