Monday, 29 August 2011

Favourite Natural Hair Resources

Let’s face it for most of us, our journey to Curliehood and experiences with natural hair has been minimal, that is unless your were lucky enough not to have ever came in contact with a relaxer, texturizer or even a jheri curl. You have been truly blessed and I'm actually jealous - LOL!!!

I’m still working on my perfecting my regime, but I also realize that this will always change as long as their are new developments in technology and our knowledge as a whole. With that said, I’m going to list a few of my favourite bloggers and youtubers who have inspired me throughout my journey and continue to provide my with new styling techniques and in ways give me the gusts to try something new. I’m sure they can help you too.

You Tube:

Kimmaytube - I swear by her leave-in as I mentioned before, not to mention her hair growth journey videos make yo feel like you can do it too.
Kandeelovesya - she is now 100% natural, but transitioned for over a year. Perfect for long-term transitioners
Naptural85 - her styling techniques are on point and very easy to follow.
Prettydimples01 - such a talented stylist, I love her creative styles. She is also hilarious.

MahoganyKnots - excellent tutorials and she is not afraid to use products.

Splinta24 - representing Toronto. I love her product reviews and styles, not to mention she tell you how it really is, without holding back.
ToniDaley80 - another Torontonian. She has a funky style and I like her product reviews too.

Hair blogs:
The Accidental Natural - great blog and writing style. Here review are very honest and so helpful. Another Canadian.

Back to Curly - A mellow feeling blog about natural hair. A good read while drinking a cup or tea.
College Curlies - Although my days in college are long gone, she also focused on frugal natural hair styling. I think everyone needs to think about $$$$ every so often.
Curly Nikki - She is a blog icon in the natural hair world, for me anyway. She covers everything from lifestyle stories, styling techniques, products and online forums.

iHEARTmyhair - I love her blog because it’s not just about products and style, but she also focuses on personal empowerment and loving natural hair.

Although I’ve only listed a few, I should note that I’m always finding new blogs and youtubers that I enjoy. So this list will probably grow as time goes on.

Tell me what youtubers or bloggers that have helped you?
Blessing and Curls,

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Freedom with Curls

Do you remember those days when you were afraid of rain or snow messing with your fresh flat ironed or pressed style? I do, like it was yesterday.

Yes natural hair is still effected by the elements, but not to the point where they have total control over whether you go outside or not. I remember staying at home, if I couldn’t find an umbrella or had a ride to pick me up. Those days are over. Now, the rain just adds a little bit more frizz than there was to begin with. LOL! I have a love hate relationship with frizz, but sometimes you just have to submit and let your curlies be frizzy if they want. At the end of the day at least your hair is getting moisture right!

I love the fact that now I don’t have to run from the rain or hide under a roof or tree for shelter to protect my hair. This freedom is amazing and something that I always wanted. It just reaffirms to me that going natural was the right decision after all. My husband even asked me what it was like not having to worry about the rain. I told him it was great and now I can enjoy those flash summer showers. In addition to being released from the bondage the rain once had over me, it was also nice to see that my husband appreciated it as well.

How has natural hair released you? Share your stories...

Blessings and Curls,

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Flower or no flower

When I first went natural you could find me in my neighbourhood Ardene or Claire’s at least once a week. I was addicted to hair accessories. I soon decided to try my hand at creating my own. I invested in a hot glue gun, fabrics and zippers. I had found love once again. I loved creating my own stylish hair accessories every fabric had different possibilities and style combinations.

Now that my hair has grown longer, I do not wear my accessories as often and I think it’s because I’m starting to feel more comfortable with my hair naked so to speak. Even though I transitioned for nine months and had 4-1/2 inches of growth, it was still the shortest length I had my hair since I was a baby. So I think it was normal at least for me it was to have a few insecurities in the beginning.

When I started my making the accessories it was so much fun creating colourful, unique accessories that no one else would have. I was able to express myself and it was very fulfilling. I now wear my beloved accessories once or twice a week to complement my outfit.

My point is I understand the need for new naturals to accessorize whether it’s hair pieces, earrings or make-up. The question you need to ask yourself is why are you accessorizing? Is it because you aren’t comfortable with your hair or do you just want to add to your already amazing style. I learned that my soul and my curls are already my best accessories, everything else are just colourful additions.
(above) Me with one of my favourite creations 

(below) A few of the flower hair accessories that I made.

Blessings and Curls,


Monday, 8 August 2011

Natural reflections

I’ve only been wearing my hair fully natural for six months and I have to say that since I started my journey, I’ve noticed quite a few curlies and naturals around me. It’s a great feeling, almost as if we’ve found out about a hair secret and won the lottery too. I knows this will sound cheesy, but it truly is a gift that keeps on giving.  I absolutely love my hair and going natural has given me a new awareness of who I am and I feel good inside and out.

One thing that saddens me is when I speak to women with relaxed hair and they have no idea that there is another side to beauty. Yes, you can look amazing with straight hair (I’m not hating) but there is something wrong when you don’t think you can also look fantastic with the hair that naturally grows out of your scalp. I honestly think all women should go natural at least once in their adult life and give it a real shot. Then make an educated decision on what is best for them and the health of their hair.

This experience has been very eye opening. I now know that Curlies don’t have to be militant feminist or have an agenda against relaxers to be themselves. I guess what I’m saying is that
there is no war, unless you allow one to happen. Love yourself, your curls and do what is best for your well being!

Are you ready to accept the challenge of going natural??? We will support you. Share your story....

Blessings and Curls,


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Wash-n-Go Wizards

So my friend and I decided to go natural at the same time. What is cool is that our last perms were on the same day done by the same stylist. We both took different roads as well, she big chopped two months into her transition and I waited nine months. In terms of styling she is a wash-n-go wizard and I’m the queen of twist-outs. Twist -outs make me feel secure.

I love her wash-n-gos. She makes them sound and look so easy. To me they are too unpredictable, I don’t like my hair to shrink too much. Not to mention, they usually only guarantee two days of hair before another wash is in order. Not my cup of tea, but I still want to master them, to add another look to my skill set.

I’ve tried it using Kinky Curly Curling Custard, and it was OK. I think I may have used too much product or not enough. I plan to try it again this weekend, I’ll come back with an update on my next post. I’ll post pics too. Please pray for my curls…I’m accepting wash-n-go tips…

Blessing and Curls,