Sunday, 2 October 2011

Featured Curlie - Añya

Name: Añya of or

Hometown: Tdot O dot (currently) but raised in Ajax

First year of Curlieness: Well the first time I came out of my mamas womb. Then I desperately relaxed my hair as soon as I hit age 13. I wore a relaxer until my first year of university in 2003.

Why I went Curlie: I decided to wear my hair in a curlie style because I HATED the burns, the scabs, the dependency of altering my hair texture every 2 months, I could not deal with the over shedding of hair that would end up all over the bathroom floor. Then after a while of noticing that my hair would not grow pass a certain length, I knew that I had to stop.

Regime and products:
I wash, condition, detangle and protective style my hair once every two weeks so in 1 year I do this 104 times a time. I also deep condition my hair once a month.

As for products I'm really big on Natural ingredient, water soluble products from product line such as Jane Carter Solutions, Black Earth - Mist Bodifier as a moisturizer. I like Koils by Nature foam shampoo and Curl Gel and Curls products. These are my staple products that keep my hair looking fly.

The best part of being curlie for me is: VERSATILITY! I can go sooo many things to my hair. My Natural hair makes me feel more beautiful and more confident. When I get look in the mirror I see a open free beauty and not beauty that was once hidden by hair weaves and person. Being a curlista makes me feel and appreciate ME!

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