Thursday, 16 August 2012

Curlies that make me PROUD!

I was recently talking to one of my really good friends (she is caucasian), who happened to read my blog for the first time this week. I often refer to each other as sisters from other mothers, since we are so in sync and usually say things in-stereo.
She read my post: Straight Up and she was really struck by it after reading about the chemicals black woman use just for so-called beauty.
She then said imagine if Michelle Obama and her daughters were to go natural. They could not only influence black woman in North America, but all over the world.
The Obama family
I totally agree with her and it would be wonderful if someone like Michelle Obama would go natural and show her true beauty to the world.
I do however want to mention that I’m honoured to be a Canadian Curlie and see that our former Governor General of Canada the Rt. Honourable MichaĆ«lle Jean has rocked her curls on many different occasions. It was really great to see and makes me feel proud.

Rt. Honourable Michaƫlle Jean PHOTO:
Here are a few others that make me proud, not only because of their beautiful crown and glory, but also because of their accomplishments as African Canadian women – GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF!!!

 Measha Brueggergosman - opera singer

Jemini – G98.7 FM radio personality PHOTO:

Rosey Edeh – ET Canada correspondent - PHOTO:

Trey Anthony – creator of Da Kink in my Hair - PHOTO:

What other African Canadian public figures make you feel proud to be curlie???

Blessings and Curls,

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Living Relaxer-Free

Tap, Tap Tap … If you ever had a relaxer, you should remember those days approaching your touch-up, when your scalp was super itchy, but you couldn’t scratch it. I was reminded of this, one morning while driving to work. I was driving behind a woman, who was briskly tapping her head with her hand. It was quite a sight. The funny thing about it is that I knew exactly what she was doing. Her scalp was really itchy, but she didn’t want to scratch it, because she was probably going to get her touch-up done that day and knew the relaxer would irritate her scalp, especially if she scratched it. I’m sure others who seen her, thought she was crazy…LOL!

I cannot tell you how much I do not miss those days. Even though as of late, I have been recovering from my dermatitis and haven’t had a lot of time for my hair, I wanted to do a post about WHY I LOVE MY CURLS. Seeing that lady really got me to thinking about how blessed I am to have my curls and why I made the decision to go natural.

Here are a few reasons to love your CURLS or NATURAL TRESS:

·         No more relaxers and scalp burns

·         No need to run from the rain

·         Save money, unless you are a product junkie J

·         Curls have personality

·         Style versatility

·         Can wrap up the blow dryer and flat iron

·         Harsh chemicals can be thrown out

What do you love most about being curlie?
Belssings and Curls,