Monday, 2 December 2013

Extension Revelation

So as most of you know, I installed Marley Twists a little over a two weeks ago give or take a couple days.
I was totally smitten with them. The lead-up to buying the hair and the actually twisting process was amazing and a labour of love. I was super happy with the results. Yet, over the last few days of having them in I came to realize that I am more in love with my own curls and kinks than I thought.

This was actually the first time since going natural that I had extensions and it’s been different for me. I remember when I was younger not being able to wait to get my box braids in, because I loved the look, but also because I wanted to finally fling my hair, swoop it behind my ear or put it in a long ponytail.

This time around, I did this as a protective style and to give my hands and mind a break from styling, with the thoughts of keeping my Marley twists in for a month. Well at my halfway mark and ready to see and feel my hair again ALREADY.

Let me tell you, there is nothing like the feeling of grabbing a cute coil of hair and having it bounce back into place. I really missed them.

I am not taking anything away from this experience of Marley Twists though, I loved every minute or it. I have just realized that I cannot have a long term commitment to extensions, yes two to three weeks, but that is it. I am also really glad I did this. I still plan on trying Senegalese or kinky twists, but not for a while.

I now see how much I’ve really changed and have come to love my hair in all its 4a-4b glory. It’s just like that old saying, the grass always seems greener on the other side – but the truth is, it never is. 

I removed the twists last Friday and have returned to my twist-out junkie ways...totally in love.

What are your thoughts about extensions, share your story?

All smiles - my twist-out is back. 

Blessings and Curls,

Kim aka B-Curlie

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