Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Canadian Support

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So I was thinking the other day about the products I use on my hair, and I realized that none of my staple products are Canadian.

I would love to support more Canadian companies that have integrity especially when it comes to natural hair and beauty products.

I do remember trying Kynk Naturals Hair Honey, in my early transitioning days, and I loved the smell, shine and sealing properties that the product gave my hair. Yet, as everyone know, as you transition, so do the products you use… I think I will revisit some of their offerings in the future.

I also tried Curly Canadians and fell in love with Hair Love, however the company is no more. A company that is new on the scene is Queens & Kings Natural Products. I have not tried any of their products yet, but they are located in Nova Scotia and specialize in natural hair and skincare products.

So tell me where are all the Canadian natural hair products? Do you know of any you’d like to share?

Blessings and Curls,

Kim aka B-Curlie

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