Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pressed and Impressed

So a couple weeks ago I decided to go to the salon, because my hair was in serious need of a trim. I was going to a stylist that I trusted, so I decided to let her press my hair.

Me pressed and going out.
Keep in mind a flat iron has not touched my hair in almost three years, since I stopped using mine from the moment I started transitioning. So I was freaking out, to put it mildly. The last thing I wanted was heat damage.

I washed my hair and deep conditioned with a mix of Tresemme Keratin Smooth Infusing Conditioner, Pantene Moisture Renewal Conditioner and coconut oil. I then lightly blow dried my hair after applying my Kinky Curly Not Today leave-in and Fantasia IC Heat Protector. Then I headed to the salon. I sorta of fibbed to my stylist and told her I did not add a heat protector, just because I wanted her to add more…hehehe.  

My ends were in horrible shape. I’ve done mini-trims on my twists, but this was my first professional trim since my chop and there is nothing like it.
Back view - it's getting long. :-)

My stylist did an amazing job and I was really happy with the results. My hair has really grown and to be honest it’s the longest it has ever been in my LIFE! I can personally attest that the length and health of my hair is due to the fact that I no longer, use flatirons or curling irons on my hair anymore. For me it is ammunition as to why going natural was the best decision for the well-being of my hair.   

On a side note, I missed my curls hours after it was pressed. I didn’t recognize myself and because my hair is so fine, it was super flat. I liked the new look, but I love the volume the curls give my hair. I could not relax my hair again. I will probably press it, once a year if that. With that said this was a great experience and I’m proud of the progress of my hair and to know that I can have the versatility with natural hair to be curly or straight.


Through the week I wrapped my hair at night and slept with a silk scarf. By day three I craved waves and did a braid-out for some volume. I applied a bit of coconut oil in the morning to style. I did not use heat on my hair at all during the week.

Wash day:
I actually needed to use a sulfate shampoo because of the build up of silicones on my hair.  I tried to use my TheraNeem shampoo, but it was not penetrating ... at any rate I deep conditioned with the same mixture I mentioned above and I experience no heat damage. THANK GOD!
Have you pressed your hair? How did it turn out?

Blessings and Curls,


  1. I've been seriously thinking if straightening my hair just so i can see how long my hair really is. Since I don't have my own heat styling tools, i have to be patient and wait for when my sis comes home so i can use hers. I think my length is almost like yours.

    1. That is great, be careful and let me know how it turns out. Good Luck!