Monday, 10 June 2013

My Mini-Twists

So I’ve just returned from a wonderful holiday in Jamaica. There is so much to say, before I even talk about hair. Ironically enough, one of my blogging idols, was staying at the same resort. It was the first time for us to meet face-to-face, since all of our contact has been through email and Twitter. She is the one and only Accidental Natural I also featured her a while back, check it out here.

After I booked my ticket and knew I was going for sure, I then started to scourer the internet looking for ideas to style me hair will I was on vacation. I intended on swimming as much as possible and I needs a style that would allow me to do that and deal with tropical humidity and dryness. I also knew that I didn’t want to spend my vacation washing and twisting my hair for twist-outs each day. I decided to try my hand at mini-twists.

I put them in myself on freshly washed, deep-conditioned and blow-dried hair. The entire process took me about 5.5 – 6 hours to complete. Here are my pros and cons and if I will do mini-twists again.
Me rocking my mini-twists in Jamaica.

  • Your hair will swing again (depending on your length).
  • They are easy to wash and moisturize.
  • A good test, if you are considering to loc your hair in the future. You will get a feeling of what your hair will look like.
  • If you twist on stretched hair, you will see your true length, at least until it gets wet and shrinks.
  • They are very versatile and fun to style

  • Depending on your hair texture and your activities, re-twisting after a week, may be needed.
  • My twist started to matte after only two weeks, even though I moisturized every day.
  • There will probably be a lot of knots when you take them down, even if you use conditioner like I did.
  • The twists will shrink when we, but that comes with the territory.
  • Can take a long time to do, depended on the size and length of your hair.

Will I do it again?

I have mixed feeling to be honest. I loved the low maintain factor and the look of the twists, but take them out and the finger detangling with tons of conditioner was not fun. I think I will try it again when I go away, but I won’t keep them in that long and perhaps moisturize them even more that I did on this trip.  

Have you done mini-twists, what was your technique?

Blessings and Curls,



  1. I`ve never tried mini twist, or may its been so long I can`t even remember. Glad to read you had a great vacation.

  2. Thanks Trecia, and yes it was great to get away and have an easy breezy hair style :-) Thanks for the comment and for reading. Keep it Curly!