Monday, 11 March 2013

My Staple Products

So as I mentioned in my previous post, my hair officially turned two years old. I thought I should mention a few of my staple products that have never failed me.

I’m not a hair-typer, but for those who do, I believe I have two textures in my hair. The back is 4A and the rest of it for the most part is 4B. I know these producs won't work for everyone, but hopefully some of them will.

Let’s get to it:

My go to shampoo is Scalp TherapeShampoo Organix South I buy it from (free shipping in Canada). I know some of you are avid cowashers, but I need to wash my hair every week with shampoo. It’s a natural product that does not give me a lot of lather. The scent is not amazing, but I love how it washes all of the residue from my hair and scalp, without irritation which is important for me.

My go to conditioner and deep conditioner is Tresemme Naturals. It’s just magical. I get great slip from this product and I find it makes my hair easier to finger detangle while in the shower. When using as a deep conditioner, I any natural oil on hand.

My go to leave-in is still the Kimmaytube Leave-in with Kinky Curly Knot Today. I know Kim Love now has her own  product line, that I’ m sure it is wonderful, but I haven’t tried it yet and as of right now this leave-in mixture has been great for my hair. I’ve loved the Knot Today, ever since I began transitioning and it has done nothing but good things for my hair.

My go to styler is Jane Carter's Curl Defining Cream. I came across this product by chance at an iHeartmyHair event. I’ve experimented with others and they have been OK, but I always end up re-purchasing the Curl Defining Cream.

My go to gel is EcoStyler – Morrocan Argan Oil. I love this stuff.  It slicks my hair back like no nobody’s business, especially after a misting of water. I often end up wearing a puff or updo, a few days before wash day, since my hair is not interested in doing anything else at that point.

My go to oil is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. First of all I love the smell of coconut and the way it just melts in my hands. I use it to seal moisture in my hair and to even style flat twists when it’s too early in the week to use gel.

My go to butter is my Shea Butter mixture. There is something about making something nourishing for your tress. My hair loves it and I use it for everything from styling, sealing or even as a body cream. I will say, that I do not use it all the time, it really depends on how I feel and what my hair needs.
I'm looking for great protein conditioner. I need something mild. So if you have any suggestions, send them my way.
Blessings and Curls,


  1. I use the Eco Styler olive oil on my daughter's hair it's great to slick it down when I put it in a pony. I used to use the Kinky Curly Knot Today and I totally forgot about it until I read your post! I'll have to stock up again. Thanks for all of these great suggestions. I have trouble with her hair because mine is straight and hers is very curly.

    1. I've used the olive oil as well and it's my second choice if the beauty supply is out of the argan oil. Eco Styler in general is amazing! Yes, you can't sleep on Knot Today, I've tried others, but none compare for me anyway. Thanks for the comment. Take Care.