Thursday, 29 November 2012

Product review - Curls Curl Soufflé

I pulled out one of my product staples this morning and then I realized that I had not shared this with all of you … my amazing readers!

The product is Curls Curl Soufflé. I use it as a moisturizer. When I purchased it the first time, I tried to use it as a styler for my twist-outs. I mean the twist out was OK, but not something to write home about. My hair was soft and smelled great, but there was no real hold so my twist-out frizzed out within a day or two. For me the strength of this product is really its moisturizing properties. It is water-based and smells like cake and looks like pudding. Put it this way, if I was three years old, it would definitely be hard for me not to put it in my mouth.
What I love about this moisturizer is the fact that it’s great to use now that the colder weather is upon us. The Curl Soufflé provides an easy way to apply a form of water on your hair without making it soaking wet and avoiding a case of the winter snuffles. It cannot replace all the natural moisturizing qualities of water, but it’s convenient if you are not fortunate enough to live in a warm climate in the winter.


purified water, certified organic sunflower oil, octyl palmitate, certified organic aloe vera leaf juice, glyercin, glyceryl stearate, potassium stearate, panthenol, stearic acid, sodium carbomer, allantoin, cetearyl alcohol, certified organic sweet almond oilshea buttercertified organic jojoba oil, soy tocopherols, phenoxyethanol, fragrance.

How do I use it?

Well I find myself putting it on my hair in addition to my leave-in after washing, followed by my styler, which is usually Jane Carter’s Curl Defining Cream. I also use Curl Soufflé in the morning when I’m trying to bounce some life into my curls, to get rid of the slept on look. I use a generous amount and distribute throughout my hair and then seal using coconut oil, shea butter or any other natural oil or butter on hand.

What water-based moisturizers are you using during the cold fall and winter months?
Blessings and Curls,

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