Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Black Canadian Dolls - available

I am so happy and proud of this news.

Some of you may remember one my posts Dolls Like Us.  I talked about a letter I sent to Maplelea Girls about creating a doll that represented black girls. We know that growing up most of us did not have a doll that looked like us or that we could relate to. I know I would have loved to have a doll that looked like me when I was young.

I did a survey asking all of you what you thought a black doll should look like for skin tone to hair type. I submitted your opinions to Maplelea Girls and guess what … they listened and took your comments into consideration when creating the dolls.
The two black dolls from Maplelea Girls. Photo: www.maplelea.com

Here is what Kathryn Morton, President of Maplelea Girls said, “We have two black dolls available now. We did the curly hair, as your readers suggested, but we also wanted to offer an alternative so we also did one with “textured” hair. They are part of the Maplelea Friends collection where girls get to make up their own name and character for their doll, using the journal that comes with it. Thanks so much for your help with this.”
WHAT A VICTORY! Thanks so much for being wonderful readers and for helping to make a difference. I’m really PROUD -  you should be too!!

Blessing and Curls,



  1. That is awesome!! Thanks for taking up the gauntlet and running with it! We ALL have to advocate more, so we can see more changes/inclusion/representation SOONER! :)

  2. This is awesome news. I'm new to viewing this site and natural for a year. Keep up the good work!