Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Curly Canadians - New Product Line

Recently I was in touch with Althea, from Curly CanadiansTM, you may also remember her from my post, when I featured her as a Curlie or maybe you are already one of Curly Canadian’s clients.
They started out as an online store that provided natural hair and skin beauty products to all Canadians. The site really reflects diversity in every sense of the word and still prides itself on this fact.

A week or so ago, I was on Twitter and chatted to Althea for a moment. She told me that they are in the process of creating their own product line and the tentative launch is early to mid-2013. They will be releasing the following:

·         shampoo bar
·         cleansing conditioner
·         bentonite clay mask
·         protein treatment
·         deep conditioner
·         styling wax
I’ve reviewed a couple of their products in the past and I love them, needless to say I’m super excited about Curly Canadian’s new line… I will keep you posted as soon as I have more news. Definitely something to look forward to in the New Year!
Blessings and Curls,

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  1. Great article Kim. I'm so excited to read about this line. Blessing to you and your family Kim.