Thursday, 4 August 2011

Wash-n-Go Wizards

So my friend and I decided to go natural at the same time. What is cool is that our last perms were on the same day done by the same stylist. We both took different roads as well, she big chopped two months into her transition and I waited nine months. In terms of styling she is a wash-n-go wizard and I’m the queen of twist-outs. Twist -outs make me feel secure.

I love her wash-n-gos. She makes them sound and look so easy. To me they are too unpredictable, I don’t like my hair to shrink too much. Not to mention, they usually only guarantee two days of hair before another wash is in order. Not my cup of tea, but I still want to master them, to add another look to my skill set.

I’ve tried it using Kinky Curly Curling Custard, and it was OK. I think I may have used too much product or not enough. I plan to try it again this weekend, I’ll come back with an update on my next post. I’ll post pics too. Please pray for my curls…I’m accepting wash-n-go tips…

Blessing and Curls,


  1. What an awesome blog. Makes me wish I had curly hair.