Monday, 29 August 2011

Favourite Natural Hair Resources

Let’s face it for most of us, our journey to Curliehood and experiences with natural hair has been minimal, that is unless your were lucky enough not to have ever came in contact with a relaxer, texturizer or even a jheri curl. You have been truly blessed and I'm actually jealous - LOL!!!

I’m still working on my perfecting my regime, but I also realize that this will always change as long as their are new developments in technology and our knowledge as a whole. With that said, I’m going to list a few of my favourite bloggers and youtubers who have inspired me throughout my journey and continue to provide my with new styling techniques and in ways give me the gusts to try something new. I’m sure they can help you too.

You Tube:

Kimmaytube - I swear by her leave-in as I mentioned before, not to mention her hair growth journey videos make yo feel like you can do it too.
Kandeelovesya - she is now 100% natural, but transitioned for over a year. Perfect for long-term transitioners
Naptural85 - her styling techniques are on point and very easy to follow.
Prettydimples01 - such a talented stylist, I love her creative styles. She is also hilarious.

MahoganyKnots - excellent tutorials and she is not afraid to use products.

Splinta24 - representing Toronto. I love her product reviews and styles, not to mention she tell you how it really is, without holding back.
ToniDaley80 - another Torontonian. She has a funky style and I like her product reviews too.

Hair blogs:
The Accidental Natural - great blog and writing style. Here review are very honest and so helpful. Another Canadian.

Back to Curly - A mellow feeling blog about natural hair. A good read while drinking a cup or tea.
College Curlies - Although my days in college are long gone, she also focused on frugal natural hair styling. I think everyone needs to think about $$$$ every so often.
Curly Nikki - She is a blog icon in the natural hair world, for me anyway. She covers everything from lifestyle stories, styling techniques, products and online forums.

iHEARTmyhair - I love her blog because it’s not just about products and style, but she also focuses on personal empowerment and loving natural hair.

Although I’ve only listed a few, I should note that I’m always finding new blogs and youtubers that I enjoy. So this list will probably grow as time goes on.

Tell me what youtubers or bloggers that have helped you?
Blessing and Curls,

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