Monday, 8 August 2011

Natural reflections

I’ve only been wearing my hair fully natural for six months and I have to say that since I started my journey, I’ve noticed quite a few curlies and naturals around me. It’s a great feeling, almost as if we’ve found out about a hair secret and won the lottery too. I knows this will sound cheesy, but it truly is a gift that keeps on giving.  I absolutely love my hair and going natural has given me a new awareness of who I am and I feel good inside and out.

One thing that saddens me is when I speak to women with relaxed hair and they have no idea that there is another side to beauty. Yes, you can look amazing with straight hair (I’m not hating) but there is something wrong when you don’t think you can also look fantastic with the hair that naturally grows out of your scalp. I honestly think all women should go natural at least once in their adult life and give it a real shot. Then make an educated decision on what is best for them and the health of their hair.

This experience has been very eye opening. I now know that Curlies don’t have to be militant feminist or have an agenda against relaxers to be themselves. I guess what I’m saying is that
there is no war, unless you allow one to happen. Love yourself, your curls and do what is best for your well being!

Are you ready to accept the challenge of going natural??? We will support you. Share your story....

Blessings and Curls,


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