Tuesday, 7 February 2012

CurlyCanadians Vision - co-founder Althea Joseph

What was your draw to natural hair?
I’ve always been drawn to natural hair. Over the years I’ve gone from synthetic hair extensions to texturizers to finally purely natural hair. Now that I’m getting married & soon to be starting a family, I want to be more aware of what goes in & on my hair & body.

Althea Joseph, co-founder of CurlyCanadians™

Why did you decide to go curlie?
I’d already begun to consider transitioning from texturized to natural last summer. Then my aunt passed away from cancer in the fall of 2011.  After my aunt’s passing, I decided right away to stop putting chemicals in my hair. Better yet, my fiancé, Jason Branton and I decided to completely detox our home from harmful toxins. Reading There’s Lead In Your Lipstick by Gillian Deacon was also a powerful motivator to go natural.

At what point did you think of creating a business that would promote healthy hair and sell natural hair products?
After I made the decision to go natural, I embarked on an extensive Google search for natural hair care tips and products.  I found some great products yet they were not available in Canada. I wanted to find hair care tips for Canadians and I couldn’t find much of that either.

My fiancé and I were (and still are!) inspired to start CurlyCanadiansTM for naturally curly people living in Canada. Our focus is on natural hair care for straight, wavy & naturally curly styles for people from all walks of life.

 When was CurlyCanadiansTM established?
CurlyCanadiansTM was established on October 1, 2011. 

What kind of feedback have you been receiving from Canadian Curlies and abroad and how does that make you feel?
We are completely astounded by the feedback we’ve been receiving from across Canada & around the world! People are really excited about having a Canadian resource for curly hair. Just this morning we received a message from one of our Twitter followers in the United Kingdom commending us for targeting a diverse customer base. Comments like this make us grateful for this opportunity & happy to do what we do.

As a business owner, what do you think on the Canadian natural community?
I believe the Canadian natural community is the most diverse on the planet. There are people who want to live a more sustainable lifestyle. There are also people who are becoming increasingly aware of harmful ingredients in their favourite personal care products. One of our main goals at CurlyCanadiansTM is to provide the consumer with as much ingredient information as possible so they are able to make an informed purchasing decision.

Secondly, I feel the natural community needs to join forces. Canada is so vast that we’re all doing great things in every corner of the country without really knowing that our neighbor down the road is also doing something great. The natural community needs to come together and work together more. That’s why we are open to selling Canadian-made “actual natural” hair care products & accessories from Canadian artisans & manufacturers.

What are your goals for CurlyCanadiansTM in the next five years?
Our main goal for CurlyCanadiansTM is to be Canada’s foremost authority on naturally curly hair and natural hair care for all ages and all walks of life. We want to show the world how products sourced from nature can help you feel, look and be your best without exposure to harmful toxins.

What new products do Canadian Curlies have to look forward to from CurlyCanadiansTM?
Hair Love for starters! Hair Love is our latest handmade product. Look for hair care products from Strauss Herb Company (an amazing Canadian company), handmade hair cleansers from McLeod Naturals and best of all: a new skin care line called Althea Officinalis, which will debut this spring!

How can people contact you?
We invite everyone to contact us via:
Twitter: @curlycanadians


  1. It's great to see this kind of start up in Canada. I look forward to the growth of the site, as well as the expansion of natural brands and products easily available.

    1. Isn't it great to finally have a place to go on Canadian soil. It's all about supporting each other!