Tuesday, 21 January 2014

3-strand twistout

I’m not sure if I’m late with discovering the 3-strand twists/twist-outs or maybe I’m just on time. You tell me!

The twisting technique came up in my YouTube search a week or so ago, when I wanted to try something different. I was intrigued, especially since I’m a twist-out addict. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do with my hair, after I’ve tried something new, I always go back to my beloved twist-outs. It’s just a dependable style for me. So I watched a bunch of videos to show me the technique on how to create a 3-strand twist, but best one for me was: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5bTiC0dLhM from JustKellee101. Even though her hair texture is not the same as mine, I found her instructions were very concise and easy to follow.

My thoughts:
First of all, it usually takes me 45 minute to an hour to twist my hair, the 3-strand twist took me almost two hours. Perhaps that was because it was me first time doing it, I’m not sure.
One thing I did like was that I did not need to do as many twists. I only do 12 twists, opposed to about 16 twists. My hair is thick and fine, if that makes sense and I do not get big, juicy twists, but with the 3-strand twists I did and I liked them.

The results:
I have to say I wasn’t sure about this set when I took down the twists, because they didn’t seem to have the body I’m used to. Usually, I only fluff my roots on the first day of my twist-out. With this set, I had to fluff and separate to get the look I wanted. So I found it a little bit more labour intensive. The definition is also pretty good, but since I had to disturb the twists more than I usually do, I have a feeling I may have more frizz, but trade it off for bigger hair.
My twistout after a full day.

My verdict:
I will try the 3-strand twist-out method again just to give it another shot. The next time, I might try it on stretched dry hair. I like aspects of the process and the look. By the end of the week, I will let everyone know on Twitter if the bigger hair and frizz was working for me or if it just got on my nerves…we shall see.

Have you tried 3-strand twist-out? Tell me about your experience via Twitter @CanadianCurlie

Blessings and Curls,

Kim aka B-Curlie    

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