Monday, 25 June 2012

Product frustrations

So a while ago I asked you guys for your favourite natural hair resources. I got a few replies and also started to do my own research, because I think it’s important that we have a myriad of places to go that cater to us and our hair needs across Canada. I have noticed that Walmart, Walgreens and Target have caught on in the States, that the natural hair market is a lucrative one. I wish our Canadian department store would too. On the flip-side, there is nothing wrong with giving some of the independent manufactures and distributors some support as well.

I have three theories as to why we do not see our natural products everywhere.

1st theory:

Many live in a hair product bubble

I truly think those who do not have our type of hair as our, live in a hair product bubble if you will. Not on purpose, but why should they care, if everything they need is at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart or even a local grocery store? They do not have to search for it as an entire aisle is devoted to their products, while black hair products take up less than a third of that space, and that space is usually for those with relaxed hair.

I also think many who do not have afro-textured, may think we can use the same hair products as them, and therefore would not understand why we need different products or tools.   

2nd theory:

We aren’t loud enough

In the words of James Brown, “Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud.” We need to inquire about our product in the stores we go to, on a regular basis. I’m guilty of this as I’m sure the rest of you are, but the truth is if we do not ask about them, we will never have a chance to see or purchase them in the big brand stores. It is 2012 and it is time we are represented in the stores that we have been spending money in for all these years.

3rd theory:

The Curlie Lifestyle is relatively new

I know rocking natural hair is not new for everyone, but over the last 5-10 years, I think it has really come into its own. In the past it was more so thought of as political statement, but now it’s a form of self-love and to maintain healthy hair without chemicals.  So, if you think about it that way, the Curlie Lifestyle is really, just an adolescent.  It needs to grow and be nurtured like anything else. We have to make it important in our lives and once we do that, hopefully others will follow our lead.

Researched and submitted resources:

So far below are the ones I found or knew of. Please note that it’s also important to check your local Black Beauty Supply stores or even Sally’s, you may be pleasantly surprised. I know there are plenty of other companies/salons in Canada that provide services and products for Curlies. Help me improve this list and send your resources to share!

Blended Beauty: Phone: 1.877.470.0634
Curly Canadians:

Kynk Naturals: Phone: 519.841.7559
Hair by Eli:
I Love My Curls: Phone: 902.802.2409
Love Thy Hns:

Curl Ambassadors:
Grace Hair Studio: Phone: 416.284.8523
Honey Fig Phone: 416.226.2100
Nanni’s Natural Hair Salon Phone: 416.243.5151

Nova Scotia:
Hy-Style Beauty Care (stylist: Pauline Patten-Bailey):  Phone: 902.431.0556.

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